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Standard Chicken Coop

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Foundation pressure treated runners, 10 1/2″ off the ground
Floor joists with subfloor
Wall Framing 2×4
Roof Framing 2×4
Roof Sheathing Radiant barrier sheathing,dripedge on roof perimeter
Shingles 30 year architectural shingles
Doors one-man door with keyed latch
one chicken door with wood ramp, keyed latch
Windows Two 18″ x 27″ aluminum window with screen
Nesting boxes 5 boxes with exterior access
Exterior LP Smartside with SilverTech
Paint 2 colors
Trim 3”
Faceboard 3 1/2”
Overhangs Front eave = 14 1/2” back eave = 4 1/2″ and gables = 2”
Vents 2
Roosts 2
Dimensions 75″ long x 66″ wide x 77″ high

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Coop Accessories

Chicken Coop Electrical/ Heat Package
Chicken Coop Wheels
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
Flip Doors
Chicken Run Wheels
Rugged Ranch Chicken Run 7’x8’x4’
Rugged Ranch Chicken Run 7’x16’x4’
Rugged Ranch Chicken Run 6’6”x7’6”x6’3”
Rugged Ranch Chicken Run 6’6”x15’x6’3”
Rugged Ranch Chicken Run Tarp 7’x8’
Rugged Ranch Chicken Run Tarp 6’6”x7’6”
Standard Wire Chicken Coop Panels
Mini Wire Chicken Coop Panels